Naturally Boosting Your Immune System to Fight off HPV

HPV can be as common as the cold if the immune system is strong.  In fact, in itself HPV may not cause fatalities. An infection shows that the immune system is compromised.

The good news is that most symptoms brought about by HPV infection may clear even without medical or therapeutic intervention. That is why it is important to boost the immune system so you can have a better chance to fight off HPV if ever it strikes you. Here are some natural ways to boost the immune system against HPV infection.

 Herbal Solution

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Certain herbal preparations are beneficial for the body to help it fight the human papillomavirus. Licorice roots have been part of traditional Chinese medicine to help re-energize the immune system. It is particularly helpful in keeping the body ready to repel certain viruses like HPV that may impact the body. Moringa has a lot of selenium, iron, copper and potassium which can also help the body repel certain kind of cancers.

Healthy eating

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Eating more fruits and vegetables can also help the body with their anti-oxidants. Anti-oxidants naturally help the body increase its disease-fighting capabilities. No doubt getting vitamins A, C and E through fruits and vegetables makes whole lot of sense. People that are malnourished have higher risks of HPV. Vitamin A plays a significant role in keeping the body away from infections. Vitamin B2 helps the body against bacterial infections.

 Drink green tea


Traditional Chinese medicine has been using green tea to help the body detoxify. Detoxification is an essential part of boosting the immune system. Green tea is a significant source of fiber that helps the body get rid of toxins and revitalizes the immune system. It is also rich in anti-oxidants that also help the immune system get a boost.

Free radicals often lead to cellular destruction and anti-oxidants are able to contain the increase of these free radicals that can wreak havoc to the body. As the body gets rid of toxins, the immune system becomes more efficient and is able to deal with potential invaders such as HPV to do more damage to the body.

 Less stress


If you are showing symptoms of anxiety then you are probably under a lot of stress. Anxiety is an indicator that a person is suffering from high stress levels. Stress can be a tough customer as it can make the immune system weak and increase the risk of getting infected with the HPV. When a person is under stress, the body is actually having problems dealing with inflammation. People that are under stress have high tendency to smoke which makes the situation worse. Smoking can increase the risk of infection. To combat stress, exercise and diet should be part of the daily routine. Also, it would not hurt to laugh a little as laughter can ease worries and calm the mind. Laughter is also known to engage the brain to release feel-good chemicals and help lower stress levels.

 Get inoculated


There are vaccines that are designed to help the immune system repel the HPV. Getting HPV vaccine will improve the body’s chances to repel potential infections. However, the vaccine alone will not help the body against infection effectively. It is best to combine the vaccine with consistent immune system boosting so that the body can resist and recover any bout with HPV infection. Public health policy has included the HPV vaccine as part of the program to help women and young ladies avert the potential of getting cervical cancer which is caused by HPV.

 No sugars


Sugary food can really hurt the body. Studies show that sugars may increase the risk of infections. A diet of good carbohydrates plus exercise can help the body steer clear of high sugar levels and spare the immune system from getting a hit.

HPV should not be a big issue as long as the body is strong enough to repel it. The body should be able to clear the virus with less or no problem as long as the immune system is strong. Always focus on keeping the immune system healthy.

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