Wart Removal at Home – Vitamins That Can Eliminate Your Warts For Good

Warts have always been looked at in a negative light among the general population and has embarrassed millions of people who have had them on their body. Warts are ugly skin growths that look like clusters growing out of your body. The appearance of warts certainly aren’t endearing which is the number one reason why people that have them want them gone.

Going to the doctor to get your warts removed can be unsuccessful for a number of reasons.

  • The doctor may keep giving your antifungal creams that remove the warts for a little while only to have them grow back.
  • The prescription medications you are getting are only treating the symptoms of the warts and not the root cause.
  • Some of the side effects you are experiencing make you stop taking your medicines.
  • You don’t have enough money to purchase expensive medications every month.
  • You are too scared to go through with surgical procedures to remove the warts.

With all these different reasons it isn’t hard to see why removing warts in the comfort of your home doesn’t sound like a bad idea. The proper wart removal at home is just as effective, and in most cases more effective than any antifungal medication your doctor can prescribe you. Removing warts at home won’t cause side effects, won’t be expensive, will treat the symptoms and the root cause, won’t harm your body, and is easily available.

The added benefit of using home remedies for warts is the privacy you will have as you treat yourself in your home. Along with home remedies you also need to boost your immune system so you can help prevent warts from returning in the future.

One of the best ways to treat your warts and boost your immune system at home is to use vitamins. With the right combination of vitamins you can increase the healthy cells in your body to stop the HPV virus and remove the warts without causing any damage to your skin.

Vitamin A






Using Vitamin A is an effective wart removal at home that most people don’t know about. Vitamin A will help maintain healthy skin cells to fight off the warts. A weak amount of Vitamin A in your system will lead to a weak immune system, and make you more vulnerable to catching the HPV virus and warts.

You can increase your Vitamin A intake by eating foods like sweet potatoes, carrots, green leafy vegetables, apricots, cantaloupe, and squash. Some herbs like parsley, basil, and oregano are also rich in Vitamin A too.

You can also increase your Vitamin A intake by taking supplements. Take the recommended dose of the Vitamin A supplement each day to boost your immune system and treat your warts. Another thing you can do is apply some vitamin a oil directly to the affected area on your skin.

Vitamin E







Vitamin E has been used to naturally heal skin problems for years thanks to it’s antioxidant properties. Increase your Vitamin E intake by eating foods like almonds, sunflower seeds, pine nuts, peanuts, and spinach. You can also increase your Vitamin E intake by taking 2 to 3 supplement pills daily.

To apply Vitamin E topically you will have to get it in oil form. Apply the vitamin E oil by soaking a cotton ball in it. Take the soaked cotton ball and apply it directly to the warts and secure it in place by using a bandage or tape. Do this at least 3 times each day and within a 2 weeks period you should see the warts start to leave.

Vitamin C






Vitamin C has similar benefits to Vitamin A as it will help boost your immune system and stop warts from coming back once they’re gone. The antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal properties of Vitamin C probably make it the most effective vitamin in your vitamin arsenal. To increase your vitamin C intake you can eat foods like guavas, bell peppers, broccoli, kale, collard greens, oranges, and strawberries.

Along with increasing your vitamin C intake you can apply some vitamin C oil directly to the affected area. You can get the Vitamin C oil by squeezing it out of a capsule. Take the oil and rub it on the affected area thoroughly and repeat throughout the day. After applying the oil to the warts for a couple weeks they should be gone.

Taking The Vitamins Together

When you take all three of these vitamins together you will increase your chances of removing the warts fast. Each vitamin will play a role in boosting your immune system, killing off the warts, and keeping them from returning. You can also mix equal parts of all 3 oils to apply to your warts and remove them.


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